Use Cases

The WHIO Datamart holds a wealth of reliable, actionable information to improve the quality and efficiency of a healthcare system. The more information subscribers to the Datamart have, the better decisions they can make to grow their business.

WHIO Datamart users have the option of creating do-it-yourself data analyses or calling on WHIO to do the work for them.

Leakage Analysis

In some cases, patient leakage is expected due to strategic decisions to limit services in a system. Clinic A wanted to know:

Are we experiencing leakage for other reasons and, if so, how much and why?

Using WHIO data to review services offered, service locations, ACO partnerships and other factors, Clinic A saw where leakage was occurring, how it could be avoided and care coordination improved.

"WHIO's leakage report is phenomenal, addressing an area of burning need in the system's strategic decision-making."
Provider Quality Analyst

WHIO members and subscribers have used leakage reports to:

  • • Inform their selection of ACO partners,
  • • Determine service where the system should or should not increase capacity,
  • • Identify regional opportunities for added services, and
  • • Identify which system physicians may be referring out of system.
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