Use Cases

The WHIO Datamart holds a wealth of reliable, actionable information to improve the quality and efficiency of a healthcare system. The more information subscribers to the Datamart have, the better decisions they can make to grow their business.

WHIO Datamart users have the option of creating do-it-yourself data analyses or calling on WHIO to do the work for them.

Provider Variation Analysis

How are our doctors doing on quality and efficiency?
How does our system stack up against our competitors?
What is causing variation in quality of care and resource use?
Which of our doctors are all-stars?
Which doctors need guidance to improve quality and efficiency?

Clinic B could have simply requested this information from WHIO, but opted, instead, to follow WHIO's simple step-by-step, do-it-yourself manual to answer these questions and more.

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Leakage Analysis

In some cases, patient leakage is expected due to strategic decisions to limit services in a system. Clinic A wanted to know:

Are we experiencing leakage for other reasons and, if so, how much and why?

Using WHIO data to review services offered, service locations, ACO partnerships and other factors, Clinic A saw where leakage was occurring, how it could be avoided and care coordination improved.

"WHIO's leakage report is phenomenal, addressing an area of burning need in the system's strategic decision-making."
Provider Quality Analyst

WHIO members and subscribers have used leakage reports to:

  • • Inform their selection of ACO partners,
  • • Determine service where the system should or should not increase capacity,
  • • Identify regional opportunities for added services, and
  • • Identify which system physicians may be referring out of system.
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