April 10, 2015


Life-saving advances in health care have increased dramatically over the past few decades, but, so, too, have concerns about the high cost of care and discrepancies in care. Wisconsin is a leader among states tackling these challenges head-on. A great asset in that effort is the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO), a voluntary, non-profit organization, working to improve the quality, affordability safety and efficiency of health care in our state.

WHIO was founded ten years ago by a group of members that includes major health care providers, employers, public agencies and health plans. In WHIO, they have created one of the most comprehensive sources of medical and pharmacy claims information in the country. The WHIO Datamart offers access to a wealth of information that is being used to drive improvements among providers, direct changes in benefit plans for employers, and identify the lowest-cost, highest-quality systems of care in any region.

One of WHIO's goals is to encourage consumer engagement by publishing usable information to help patients and their families make decisions about their health care. We know that not all health care is the same, some is better than others; and it's sometimes hard to know where to turn and what questions to ask.

This year, WHIO has launched a consumer-oriented website, MyHealthWI.org designed to help patients and their families choose the health care that's right for them. MyHealthWI.org presents reliable data showing how a health care clinic compares with others in your geographical area. It also provides helpful tips and tools for starting a dialogue with your doctor and taking a more active role in your health care.

We hope you find MyHealthWI.org helpful and welcome your feedback. By participating with your doctor in decisions about your health, you both can play an important part in improving the quality and efficiency of health care in Wisconsin.

Josephine Will Musser, CEO