We’re Mission Driven

The Wisconsin Health Information Organization is a voluntary initiative supported by visionary leaders from insurance companies, health care providers, major employers and public agencies who share a commitment to the future of health care. The diverse members of the Wisconsin Health Information Organization are putting shared knowledge into action to improve the transparency, quality and efficiency of health care.

The WHIO Health Data Mart

Through the support and technical contributions of our founding members, WHIO offers one of the most comprehensive sources of health claims information available anywhere in the United States.

With an unprecedented volume of data covering more than 249.6 million claims for care provided to 3.7 million Wisconsin residents, the WHIO Health Analytics Exchange is unique. While other organizations have tried, none has succeeded in developing the shared vision, cooperative relationships and technology to create such a comprehensive and powerful reservoir of actionable health information.

The Exchange holds a rolling 27 months of claims data and a total of 23.7 million episodes of care are now found in the database. An episode of care is defined as the series of treatments and follow-up related to a single medical event such as a broken leg or heart surgery, or the yearlong treatment of a diabetic patient.

The scope of The Exchange and the volume of data will continue to grow as new members join and contribute to the cooperative effort.

But information and technology are only a starting point. To achieve real and meaningful changes in health care delivery that will produce higher quality and more affordable care, information must be turned into action.

The Exchange supports more informed action on the part of providers, payers and consumers.

Whether you are an employer, health care provider, insurer or an organization that provides service to those entities, The Exchange offers access to unparalleled information, a roadmap for quality improvement and enhanced credibility to support your initiatives.